Thursday, October 5, 2006

Time for an Update

Last week - and this week thus far - has been pretty crazy, but I wanted to come online for a bit and show you my (meager) progress. I had wanted to finish this piece by the end of September, but, alas, it was not to be. I am, however, happy with the progress I made through the month and, as you all can see, there really isn't all that much left to finish this piece, and I am happy that the dog finally has eyes, a nose, and the ears outlined. Now that she is staring at me with those "puppy eyes", I can't do anything else but hurry up and finish her!

I have made some progress outside of stitching, I moved around the furniture in my apartment this past weekend and I like the new layout much better. I've also cleaned out my closet - not that it was a mess, I moved here 4 months ago after all, but like the rest of the apartment, I wanted things to be different in there as well. Now that I finally decided on where the furniture was going to stay, I have been able to add my cross stitch to the walls, and this makes me very happy. So, now y'all know what I was doing instead of stitching.


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