Friday, September 22, 2006

Santa Towel Update

Didn't stitch much last night. Matt (Son 4) came over and I made him dinner. He had mail to pick up and mail to drop off. I still have the PO Box in Hallandale Beach and since he works in HB, he drops by a couple of times a week and gets my mail for me. I guess you can figure out that I didn't go to EGA last night. Oh, well, there is always October...

Stephen (Twin 2, Son 3) called me early yesterday morning while I was ironing my shirt and getting ready to go to work. Thank G-d for speaker phones! He said that he's ready to go to California and much looking forward to it. He also mentioned that it looks like, this time, instead of yet another Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal, that he might get the Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal. I asked him what the difference was and he said that the second is about 6 steps higher than the first. Ok. Whatever... The only thing I am happy about is that he will (FINALLY) be back on US soil. Even if I don't see him until December, knowing he's thousands of miles closer makes me feel a whole lot better.

I didn't stitch at all on the Santa towel last night, between Matt and figuring out what I would wear tonight - and making sure I have fulfilled (or am ready to fulfill) all my new year superstitions, I didn't find any time. So, basically, this is where I was at the night before. Coming along nicely, but I guess I won't be finishing it by the end of this week. Maybe on Sunday.

I will not be posting again until Sunday morning. To all my Jewish friends and readers, L'Shanah Tovah. May you be written in for a Good Year of the sweet things in life: Health, Peace, Prosperity, Love and Happiness!!


Blogger Barb said...

That is so cute!

1:45 PM  
Blogger Lili said...

Well, I am not Jewish, but I wish you all these good things, Trish!
Your santa is coming along very nicely!
I can relate to your relielf knowing that DS will be on US soil...
Take care!

3:39 AM  

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