Monday, September 11, 2006

Plan of Attack

I was looking over the list of WIPs, trying to come up with a plan of attack to reduce them to - hopefully - 12 by the end of this year (considering that there are only 3 months left to it) and I think I might have to go back to a rotation (Yuk!) in order to do so because I do not want to put down "The Rose Garden". First of all, I don't want to "lose my place" stitching it. Second, I made a commitment to finally finish it since it's my oldest WIP by far.
The good news is that "Feel The Love" is nearly finished (note sidebar) and I should be giving it to the Cupboard for finishing tomorrow. So, immediately I am down 1 project. The bad news is that it's faster to finish projects if you work on them one at a time than it is if you rotate them. Nevertheless, I will attempt a rotation again, even though the reason I have so many WIPs in the first place is because of working rotations. I don't know what it is about rotations that makes me think I can just add another new project, but, for me, it just creates a lot of half-finished things.
So, with "The Rose Garden" as my focus piece - and I haven't really decided how I am going to work the rotation just yet - I am going to work the following in this order:
  1. Xmas Ornie
  2. Santa Towel
  3. Who's the Boss?
  4. Pig Baby
  5. Cappuccino Towel
  6. If a Flower Bloomed

I think this is more than enough for the remainder of the year. I am putting the xmas stuff ahead so I can turn the ornie into the Cupboard for finishing in time to have it back for the Holidays. I really think that I should be able to finish at least four of these AND "The Rose Garden", which would be a wonderful accomplishment, by the end of the year. I really am committed to going back to being a "One-At-A-Time" stitcher, even though I can tell by the amount of projects I have going on now that I have enough to stitch for most of next year and I don't relish the thought of not starting anything new for awhile. However, when I am finally down to about six projects, I may give myself permission to do otherwise. We'll see how good I am at disciplining myself. Stay Tuned.


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