Monday, August 28, 2006

See you in a few

As most of you might know already, a hurricane watch has been issued for the southern Florida Peninsula. Living on the beach, I expect that mandatory evacuations will be called later today, probably sometime around the 5pm advisory.
I will be going to work this morning as normal, but once I leave work @ 6pm, I will be driving towards a friend house where I plan to weather the storm and drop off supplies, so I may not have time later today or tomorrow to come online and give an update.
By tomorrow morning, the decision will have been made as to whether I will be forced to leave. My good friend doesn't have internet or cable/satellite TV, so even with power, my access to internet might be limited for the next few days. Just know that wherever I am, I am safe. This is hardly my first time. :(


Blogger Mia said...

Be safe, Trish. I will be thinking of you and all that are in the path of Ernesto.

9:19 AM  

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