Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New Project Started

I started a new project yesterday. This is now my lunchtime or "travel" project. It is from this month's "Stitch Every Day" series and it is called "Feel the Love Day". I have a picture of it on the sidebar.
Not that I need an excuse to start another design, (and when I saw this for the first time last week, I KNEW that I just HAD TO STITCH it), but The Rose Garden is too big to tote around in its scroll frame, for one. Last Sunday, when I got home from stitching with my friends, it had just started to rain. Here in South Florida we can go from just drops to torrential downpour very quickly. It was a good thing that I had one of those huge ziploc bags in the trunk to cover it.
Secondly, I don't have all the colors that I need to stitch the Rose Garden pulled and together. Basically, I grab the ones I need from my DMC storage boxes and then put them back, so it makes it harder to tote around since I may come across needing to stitch a color that I forgot to pull.
Up until recently, I had been going home for lunch. My office is just 3 miles away. Well, the novelty has worn off and I am tired of it. Moreover, season is about to start and it will soon be impractical to do so. Also, though I really don't want to eat out a lot for lunch (makes one gain weight), I rather spend lunch eating light and stitching to distract myself and just de-stress.
So, for all these reasons (again, not that I needed any) I decided on this small one. I am thinking that I may just reserve lunchtime for this series, which I started purchasing last year when they came out with "Flip Flop Days" (back in July or August) and I have been buying every single one that has come out both before and since, but I have yet to stitch another!
I don't know why a lot of stitchers do this. We sign up for several "monthlies" or for entire series (like L*K's xmas ornaments this year, HIH's "Mother's Wisdom", Bent Creek's "Snappers") yet we seldom, if ever, manage to stitch them all, or use all the fabric we get from "monthlies". What we end up with is a ton of stash!


Blogger Juanita - aka flosslady said...

I think most of us are guilty of a case of the "monthlies" now and then. I'm generally pretty good about not signing up for monthly kits, but fabric is another story. I just love getting those squishy packages in the mail, and I somehow convince myself that I will use them, even though I already have enough fabric to last several lifetimes.

We could have worse habits, though. ;)

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