Saturday, August 5, 2006

Rainy Days in a Sunny City

It's been raining the better part of this week so far.  Not complaining as I LOVE the rain.

Last night I did not feel like stitching at all. Happens sometimes.

Tuesday I went to my LNS to the SAL and Houses of Hawk Run Hollow had come in for me. YAY!!  I am obviously not a StRIPper.  I stitched on the Sampler Gameboard because I hadn't touched it in a month.  Yes, it is ex-rotatio, but it was also the only piece I had packaged and ready to go to take.  I decided to go to the SAL at the last minute.  Had to force myself to go.

Today I will get back to my rotation. Whatever the next project is.

I also scanned current WIPs so I will remember they exist. LOL!!!



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