Friday, March 24, 2006

Stitching on my WIPs

For the past couple of days I have been stitching on Long Dog’s Paradigm Lost. I really haven’t stitched enough – in my opinion – to take a picture and post. Maybe this weekend. I have been working on a large motif that is on the upper right corner of the design. This large motif is composed of eight circular motifs that surround a center. I got tired of stitching the same thing over and over, so, after stitching about 5 of these, I started stitching the dragonfly, and some other smaller motifs to break the monotony. Yesterday I finished the 6th of these motifs, and now I only have two more to do. I think that once this big motif is finished I might get more excited about the piece again. It is a very large project, but it’s not really very complicated. First of all, it is all stitched in one color. Second, there are no half or three quarter stitches. Lastly, the motifs are quite easy, so it is a fast stitch.

I’m not sure how I feel about the Summer Freebie. It is about half stitched at this point. Out of sight, out of mind is so true. I want to finish it, but I want to do so because I want the finished piece, not because I like to finish everything I start. I will have to pull it out, start stitching on it, and see how I feel.

It’s the weekend again. We aren’t doing anything exciting. Our eldest son is moving into his first place next weekend. You can imagine that there is a lot of cleaning/throwing away taking place. This will make it three sons gone, and one left at home. I am trying to bribe the youngest to leave, but he isn’t biting.


Blogger debbi said...

Funny how we don't want them to leave, but then we do. A is talking about moving out and I'm thinking "great - I can finally save on my insurance." Of course he hasn't really done anything but talk. And I know I'd miss him.


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