Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tired of Counting

I think I’m going to give up all this tallying. I have so many binders and already I have over 240 patterns I want to stitch listed, varying from easy, small projects, such as ornaments and Lizzie Kate patterns to big projects that require a lot of time.

The Question now is whether knowing that I have over 20 years worth of stitching projects will help me stop from buying more. Frankly, I don’t think so because I have tried all this before and it hasn’t worked.

Another alternative is to come up with only a few themes that I want to stitch, and then limit myself to these themes. The last thing I want is for my house to look like an LNS 10 years from now – with a lot of mismatched type projects hanging on my walls.

I have friends who tend to stitch the same themes. Measie likes to stitch angels, for instance. Orrell likes to stitch chickens, and since pretty much all she stitches is over one, her projects end up being a lot smaller in size. Marlene likes to stitch hearts (a theme I happen to like myself). Anita likes to stitch small projects – she rarely stitches anything larger than maybe 70 stitches wide/tall. Tillie likes Halloween patterns from Birds of a Feather, cats, and country style patterns. Jean likes delicate-looking patterns and also hearts. Ruth also likes delicate looking projects and those where she can use her creativity by changing all or most of the threads.

I, on the other hand, am all over the map. I like witty sayings, beach patterns, hearts, houses, seasonal themes, dogs, anything bright and bold, large, challenging projects, small quickies (such as freebies). I guess I really don’t enjoy stitching people all that much, though I do love just about anything Mirabilia.

So, I am wondering if maybe I should consider, when planning my stitching, how it will be finished and where it will be displayed. Up until now, this has been secondary, but now as I try to find places where to hang my framed pieces, I am starting to notice that it’s not all that easy for things to match.

My latest piece, the fall sampler, is gorgeous. I just love it! But do I really want to look at Fall all year long? No, not really. Does it go with the colors throughout most of my house? No. Where is it now? In the closet until I can figure out where to hang it. It will probably end up in the computer room or in the study.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Trish,
I feel your pain, LOL!
I dedicated a room to my stitching - all hanging on the wall like at an LNS. I have nothing stitched hung up in the house otherwise, honestly I'd rather keep it all in my room to enjoy!
Good luck with your reorganizing and stash enhancements!

12:07 PM  
Blogger debbi said...

If you decide to purge, remember me! LOL.

I know how you feel - I like so many things too and I have YOU to thank for helping me expand my stitching interests.



8:59 PM  

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