Saturday, July 29, 2006

Playing Catchup: May SBQs

May 31 SBQ

Do you collect charts by one particular designer, yet have never stitched anything by that designer? If so, which designer and why do you collect the charts but have not yet stitched any of them?

I did, once upon a time, but by now I have stitched at least one chart of every designer I “collect”.  The reason to collect charts that aren’t going to be stitched for quite some time is a question that is very hard to answer.  All of us do it, and Thank G-d we do, or the industry would collapse!  Imagine if we only bought what we would immediately use!  If I like a chart and I think it’s something I may want to stitch, I buy it.  I don’t think of when I may be able to stitch it, I just want it around for when the mood strikes me.  There are some designers that I like everything (or just about everything) they come up with, so I end up with entire chart collections of them.

May 24 SBQ

What is your favorite specialty stitch? Which one is your least favorite? Why?

I especially like the heart Rhodes stitches. I dislike Queen stitches.

May 17 SBQ

Lately, it seems that many stitching bloggers have experienced a loss of their stitching mojo. Have you ever lost your stitching mojo? If so, how did you get it back and how long did it take?

I lost my stitching “mojo” for two reasons.  The first is because I wasn’t feeling well and until the underlying health issue was addressed, I simply did not have enough energy or desire to stitch.  Second, I was focusing on other things, things that required my attention and took me away from being part of the stitching community (local and online).  

I don’t know how I “got it back”.  As soon as I felt better I had more energy to do more things.

May 10 SBQ

When you stitch from a kit and use the supplied floss do you have leftovers? If so, how much and what do you do with them? If not, do you usually have just enough or do you have to dig into your stash to finish?

Usually, I have a little left over – not a whole lot.  I just goes into the stash for possible future use, if they are silks.  Cottons, I just throw away.  

May 3 SBQ

Do you or have you stitched with over-dyed threads? (Weeks Dye Works, The Gentle Art Sampler Threads, Six Strand Sweets, etc.) If so, what is your opinion concerning them? If not, why not?

I like all over-dyed threads for the effect they create.  I don’t think they are appropriate for all pieces, anymore than I feel that all pieces should be stitched on hand dyed fabrics.  Off all the cotton over-dyed threads, Crescent Colours is my favorite.  Silks, it would be The Thread Gatherer’s Silk N Colors.


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