Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dilema Resolved

Well, you’re probably all wondering what I decided to do regarding my “dilema”. Part of the problem I had with making my mind up is that the first job was pretty boring to me and I couldn’t see myself being there very long (without losing my mind). Some of us thrive in what I call “controlled chaos”. I am one of those people.

So, the issue wasn’t really all about money in the first place. I am way too “social” to be stuck inside an office by myself working. I need interaction. I need problems to solve, people to help. The first job had none of that and I don’t see the reason to stay there once I realized it isn’t the right job for me.

Today is Tuesday, and I will be going to my LNS’ SAL tonight. I am finishing up the petite biscournu. Want to have it completely done by Thursday, as this is when the next EGA meeting will be.

Haven’t started Fanta Cat’s Miranda yet. I think I need to make progress on some projects already started before adding to the WIP list.

My website has been neglected for months now. I want to find time to revamp it. I'm a bit depressed that I have lost two friends to the South Florida hurricane season, and will lose another in a few months, so this is stopping me from dealing with this.


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