Sunday, March 12, 2006

Nick Nick Nick....

Nick had been home on leave the past 2 weeks and he returned to Camp Lejeune yesterday morning. We had a lot of fun when he was here and went to a hockey game Friday night before he left when the Panthers were playing the Hurricanes (my team). The Hurricanes lost, sadly. Nothing like paying $150 per seat to watch your team lose - LOL
I miss Nick a lot - he's my buddy. We're both have very similar temperaments and we're very close.
Yesterday afternoon I went on a S.E.X. trip up to Always in Stitches in Lake Park with my good buddy Ruth. Anita, my other good friend, works up there about two Saturdays a month and we went up there to visit. It was a great trip because the "Drab to Fab" and Brenda's "WhimZi Ornament Club" were both ready to pick up. The fabric this month is called "Monster Mash" and is a green with some burgundy or brown. March's ornament is a Partridge in a Pear Tree. I also bought Just Nan's "Snow Faces" which is a WhimZi pattern, Sisters and Best Friends' "Bad Maid" and some threads. After that, we went out for dinner - Ruth, Anita and me - to the Ale House where they had the Osso Bucco and I had English style Fish and Chips (plus a fantastic French Onion soup!). I love my friends and I'm going to miss Anita when she moves away in the summer to El Paso.
I may have mentioned that lately Fanta Cat's "Miranda" has been calling out to me. Leave it to a mermaid to try to lure you. I purchased the fabric for her last Tuesday at my LNS, but before I start her, I want to finish an ornament I am working on that is the monthly SAL for "Stitchers Time Out" - the only cross stitch Yahoo Group I sorta keep up with - we're doing an ornie a month from the latest JCS Ornament issue. I also had picked four WIPs that I wanted to work on this month (stitch on anyone for one day a week) and the first week of March passed without my putting anything into any one of them, so until I make some progress on my WIPs, I won't be starting her.
Cutting into my "free time" is The Sims 2 - the newest expansion "Open for Business" came out last week. Could they have possibly created an expansion that was more suited to me? (only if I could have my Sims cross stitching!)