Sunday, March 5, 2006

Back to Stitching!

Projects currently working on:

Jeannette Douglas' "Bug Collector" - mostly finished
Glory Bee's "Priceless" challenge - with my Sunday stitching group - finished last night

Projects still pending:
  1. Chatelaine Mystery VIII
  2. Long Dog Paradigm Lost
  3. CSCC The Rose Garden
  4. Jeanette Douglas’ Sunshine State Sampler
  5. Debbie Patrick’s East Brother Lighthouse
  6. Summer Freebie from CC
  7. Stoney Creek’s The One Who Knows
  8. Bent Creek Snappers (Sept to Dec + Border)

Of these, I would have to say that Paradigm Lost, Sunshine State Sampler, the Snappers, and Summer Freebie are "calling to me" the most. So, I will make a goal to choose one to stitch on for at least one day in each week in March, starting with Paradigm Lost.

Project I want to start:

Fanta Cat's Miranda - Call me crazy, call me clueless, but this is calling to me right now.


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