Monday, December 26, 2005


I realize that the greatest part of my current stitching state is brought about by what can best be described as "indiscriminate purchasing". In other words, I tend to buy whatever I like without giving any thought as to whether I will really ever stitch it.
The other part is Martina Weber's fault for making so many beautiful designs. Her creativity is simply unnatural! LOL!
There's not much I can do about Martina's creativity, but perhaps I should stop and think about "when" I will stitch something before I buy it. I have WAY too much stash. Sometime last year I started cataloging all my patterns and gave up somewhere around 1,750 without having made it halfway through. I have bought quite a bit since then, plus I have acquired some from friends. I estimate the current collection to be about 4,000 charts/kits. Maybe more. Not sure. I'm not counting magazines. If I counted patterns in magazines... well... you get the idea.
I went through my stash this morning and put away in binders those designs which I will not be stitching this year, made a stack of charts/kits to give away, and put in one dresser drawer what I plan to stitch this year (that has not yet been started). I also decided that I won't be stitching some monthlies I was planning to this year: Brenda Lowry's Whimzis, and Lizzie Kate's 2006 Ornament Flip-Its (will purchase anyway) have been removed from 2006's stitching list.
I probably will, once again, not stitch everything I plan to this year either, but perhaps I will give more thought to adding to "the collection". One can always hope...


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