Monday, March 27, 2006

Back from the Weekend

I am rather proud of the amount of stitching I did this weekend on Paradigm Lost – even after I had about an hour and a half of stitching that I had to rip and stitch over.  I discovered on Sunday morning that I had not stitched on it since May of last year.  WOW! Time certainly does fly!  I would have never imagined it had been that long!

I had a great time stitching with my friends yesterday afternoon.  We went to dinner at Flannigan’s, which required a 45minute wait to get in (can’t wait for the snowbirds to go home!) and half a hour for them to get our check straight so we could leave.  Other than that, the food, and the company, was awesome, as always.

Also this weekend, I discovered that my computer needs to be reformatted.  Son#4 did who-knows-what to it.  He has his own computer, right next to mine, would you believe?  Yet he likes to go on mine!!!  So, why don’t I just give him mine and buy myself a new one? Rick asks.  Well, that’s what I did LAST TIME and it didn’t work!  If I buy myself a new computer then he will want to go on THAT one, not the OLD one.  What’s a mom to do? <sigh>  Anywho, I spent the better part of yesterday morning moving all files I want to save to my external hard drive.  Just another day in paradise.

Son#1 moves into his own place this Saturday, yet his room still looks like the black hole of Calcutta.  His new bed and furniture is scheduled to be delivered Saturday afternoon.  I think the plan is to take all the good stuff to the new place and leave us with all the junk to deal with.  Well, I plan to deal with it all right…(and a lot quicker than maybe he knows!).

Son #1 mentioned in passing that Twin#2/Son#3 might be paying us a surprise visit in April.  This is the kid that is in Japan.  I’ve been trying to get a hold of him, but so far, nada.  Will keep y’all posted.


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Anyone home???

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