Monday, March 20, 2006

Productive Weekend

I spent a lot of time this weekend going over Cross Stitch magazines and seeing whether they had any projects I wanted to stitch. I then wrote in a small notebook the name of the project, the size, the type of threads called for, and which magazine it was in. I am not finished with all magazines yet, though I have gone through about 80%, and I have tallied 58 projects to stitch.

I did not go through any JCS Ornament Issue, though I plan to because I know there are a lot of ornaments I’d like to stitch.

I also started going through some of my binders, also to list those I really want to stitch ASAP. Going through the first 5 binders yielded 89 more future projects. This brings the new total of future projects up to 147, and I’m nowhere near done. As I may have mentioned, I once started a spreadsheet to keep track of all the charts I have, and I stopped listing them about 2 years ago when the total was 1,800 and I wasn’t nearly done.

If I were to finish one pattern a month, which would be a tremendous feat indeed, it would take me over 12 years to stitch what I have entered into my notebook thus far.

The reason for doing all this is to see if it helps me control the mad stash spending I have been engaging in.


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