Monday, August 7, 2006

Before & After

I am working on a piece I started in 1995. This is the piece I used to work on when I was sick and going to the oncologist's for treatments. When I got better, I wanted nothing to do with sitting around and cross stitching. Later, when I tried to pick the piece up to stitch, I would get flashbacks to being sick and getting treatments, so I haven't been able to advance much on it.

Sunday, July 31st, my Sunday Stitching group decided that we would dig into our closet for our oldest WIP/WISP/UFO and stitch on it. So, I did. I picked this up on Saturday and was able to stitch on it without a problem, so I brought it to the Sunday Stitching group meeting yesterday. The first picture is when I started stitching and the second is where I ended.


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