Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Boring Non Event

Well, we dodged a bullet! The forecasters were right on the money as far as the track of the storm, even though it turns out that it fizzled out. Ironically, the further west you were, the worse it was and if you live on the beach, like I do, you didn't so much as lose satellite signal all night long. I've had thunderstorms more annoying than this. Good thing, though. I got to watch BB7 and Eureka. Woo Hoo!
Speaking of BB7, I can't believe how stupid Erika is. I really can't stand people who can't think for themselves. First of all, let's talk about ethics. Yes, I know this is a game, and the point is to win. However, I have a problem with Erika saying over and over to Danielle that she would not nominate her, only to do so after all. They have been friends and in an alliance since the beginning, for her to turn her back on her now is a betrayal. Second of all, I can't believe Erika lacks enough IQ points to discern that she's being played by Mike Boogie. She wants to put Will up, but doesn't because Mike protects him. Can't she tell what is going on??? Third, Erika buying the "truce" with Janelle, who has nominated her not once, but TWICE. I guess the only thing I can say about all this is that her stupidity will cause her to leave next week. Talk about clueless.
Anywho, will take pics of projects and post tomorrow.


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