Saturday, September 9, 2006

Major Update

Last night I decided to take pictures of all my WIPs in order to display them on this blog. Call it bold, call it foolish, I'm hoping that seeing how much I have "going" will help me bring the number down into the single digits (yeah, I'd be happy with half as many!). I knew there were "a lot" but I didn't think it would be as many as 18! I bet some of you might be surprised that a third of them are in Aida. I really enjoy stitching in all types of fabric - from 10ct Tulla to 36ct Linen. It really depends on the project and my mood.
It's hard, for me at least, to calculate how much time each would take to be finished. The Snappers, for instance, are quick to stitch, and with only 4 months left to finish the year, it should take me maybe a month to finish. But the border is a different story - boring boring boring - would take forever to motivate me to finish it. The towels don't have that much left to them either - even the cappuccino one that is barely started - however, where are all my cross stitched towels? In a drawer. Now that we don't have kids at home I should start letting them out and enjoying them. Before, I couldn't risk one of our "little darlings" using it to wipe their hands or G-d knows what.
I also think that the xmas ornie, Who's the Boss, and the Pig Baby don't have a whole lot left to them either. I mean, it's an ornie for goodness sake, how long could it possibly take to stitch? The other two projects are clearly more than half stitched. So, considering that I have committed September to getting as much of the Rose Garden stitched and to finish "Feel the Love", I am trying to figure out how to best make use of the remaing 3 months of the year so that I finish as many of these WIPs as possible.
On another note, I was so surprised Thursday when Janelle lost a competition to Mike Boogie and got kicked out of the BB All Star house. It's hard to tell who will win this year none of the two left have many friends at the Jury House.
A new TV Season is starting - I got the new TV Guide with all the skinny on the new shows today - I am going to review and see whether there is anything good worth watching. I am looking forward to my old favorites: The Simpsons 18th season premieres tomorrow (can you believe it? G-d I feel old!) Ghost Whisperer, NCIS, Medium, The Unit, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs.
I have been TiVoing the new Fox Drama "Vanished" and finally got around to watching the first three episodes Friday night and found it surprisingly good. I think the Senator's son is behind it. We'll see.
Bones, another Fox show and favorite of mine began it's second season two weeks ago. (I find David Boreanaz cute). I never could get into CSI - too graphic and gritty - but Bones is enough science/high tech to attract me with really good, plausible story lines to keep me. I got some other pilots TiVoed. We'll let you know what I think after I watch them.
Well, I am off to watch Ohio State and Texas duke it out. Hope to get some stitching done.


Blogger claudia said...

Thanks for listing some of the TV shows premiering. They seem to be keeping it all secret here. I haven't heard about any of the old shows returning, except ER. I was worried about Medium, I LOVE that show!
Looks like you have lots of stitching to keep you busy. Have fun with it!

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