Wednesday, September 1, 2004


I was told at 9am that voluntary evacuations were going to be called later in the afternoon, I quckly went and got a U-Haul truck. I don't know if the storm will hit, but I DO know that I will NOT be here for the party. The 11am forecast had Frances staying on course to hit the Lake, but I saw a 2pm map that has it turning more north at the Miami Herald's site, but they are not NOAA, so I don't trust it. I'm waiting for the 5pm update. This is the cost of living in Paradise.

Today's site of the day is
Simply Samplers: Sampler Motifs. They do a pretty good job of explaining what the different motifs mean in samplers.

You will forgive me if I leave now, I got other things on my mind.


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