Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Tuesdays are My Favorite Days

Had a great time last night at my LNS! I really love the SALs, it is always a fun time. I picked up my buddy Orrell 'cause she recently had surgery and had a blast chatting with her driving up there and back. All in all, a great night. (Even though Anita didn't share a story)

I can't go out to my
LNS and NOT buy something, but I was very good and only bought two magazines (latest Stoney Creek and Just Cross Stitch), two kits for my buddy Debbi (because what I ordered for her had not come in) and a skein of WDW Louisiana Hot Sauce. I didn't need it, I just liked the name. Once upon a time, I used to carry a list of WDW and GAST threads I did not have and I would buy 1-3 skeins each time I went to my LNS to build up my thread stash. I got away from that and now I have so many of these threads I can't do it from memory any more.

So, my feature of the day today is:
Stitcher's Organizer. She has a lot of lists there and even though they might not be completely updated, it's a cinch to do so in Word, or any other word processing software. For the latest colors, visit Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Art's websites. And while we are featuring threads, let's not forget Crescent Colours (I have yet to use them, but they have a wonderful sheen to them), Caron Collection, and Needle Necessities.

While at my
LNS, I was sad to hear that they struggle so much and work so hard. Karen, one of the owners, was mentioning that there were days like yesterday where it would have been more profitable to keep the store closed and that they make up all their deficits of running the store throughout the year in the last quarter with xmas shopping. She also mentioned that it was not unusual for her to be working up to 11 or 12 each night. I don't know what we would do if we did not have a place to meet and they are so generous to keep their doors open until late and give us a place to hang out each week. So, for now, I am placing a link to them on my side bar. Their website is a work in progress, I have offered to help them maintain it and make changes to it, and the will take me up on it hopefully soon, I really think there's a lot of business they are missing out on because the site is not being tended to.


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