Thursday, August 19, 2004

Is this what lucid is like?

Today I removed two WIPs from my rotation. No, I did not finish anything. I realized today that I really don't want to stitch the Marquoir story or the Anne-les-petit-croix Mystery Garden. Not because I don't think these are good projects - they are - I just rather work on something else. Isn't that what they say? Good is the enemy of Best? Something like that.
Maybe I butchered it, but I probably did a better job than our President who last week told the world his adminstration would never cease looking for ways to harm the US. What an idiot.
So now my rotation goes like this:
1. MLI Angel ornament
2. RR
3. Dog for charity quilt
4. RR
5. Beach scene for charity quilt
6. RR
7. DT's Sampler Gameboard
8. RR
9. Santa Huck Towel
Waiting in the wings to be incorporated in this rotation, in order of percentage finished are:
1.The Rose Garden (from old CS&CC)
2.Lighthouse (Dimensions pattern)
3.Mystery she wrote sampler (Curtis Boehringer)
4.Who's the Boss (from a Stoney Creek book)

I am sending Maidens of the Seasons - Spring out after all. I was going to stitch on everyone's RR and not send mine out, but what they hey - I might as well. I just discovered that one of my RRs is OVER!


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