Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Morphing into an old biddie at warp speed

Nick left yesterday and I've been weepy ever since. I so hate saying goodbye to him. I think I am turning into my grandmother. She'd get weepy everytime I left too. I didn't understand what the big deal was. I do now.

Went to my LNS's SAL again. It is so much fun! There is a new, local designer and I bought one of her charts with the embellishement pack - looking so forward to stitching this! I also bought two Halloween Shepherd's Bush charts and one Lizzie Kate halloween Snippet (Got Treats), a magnetic needleholder (a cute puppy face), and a surprise for my good buddy Debbi. Spent about $55 (the new designer's chart was $20.50 )

Then, as I was driving home I wondered why the heck did I spend so much on stuff I wasn't going to be able to stitch any time soon, but then I got home, fondled my new stash, and I was all better. LOL!

However this morning I woke up and some of my first thoughts were that I should probably put up on ebay charts that I know I won't be able to stitch. (Gosh, this mental health thing sucks - I may just go off my meds!)

My rotation needs to be adjusted to nine pieces because those are the slots I have and I just want to think that it's Tuesday so I should be stitching on the Sampler Gameboard. At least until I get caught up and the rotation changes to a workday/weekend rotation.

I worked some more on the Sampler Gameboard - my Tuesday night SAL project. Finished another square and a half.

I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday and on the journal shelf I found a journal book called "40 Days and 40 Nights" it is a companion to another book called "List Yourself". I didn't have time to look for the book, but I think it may be someting that might interest me. I know

I am an INTP, and introspective by nature, but since I am in this whole improvement kick...


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