Friday, August 6, 2004

If I could spit, I would

I am spitting mad. I just got my SanMan RR today. I sent out 6 pieces. I got TWO back and only ONE fabric. No explanation as to what happened to the other three fabrics let alone the unstitched projects.

I am packing up the RRs that I have here and sending them on. I will only keep some I feel I ought to stitch on like Norma's and Bonnie's among a very few others, but everything else is being mailed tomorrow. Took myself off all future RRs too.

Nick is here. My precious baby boy. He's so sweet. We were looking at an old dining room table and discussing how to convert it into a work of folk art. We got some pretty good ideas, but this visit won't be long enough to implement them. We will plan to do it when he comes home for the holidays in December because he will take two weeks leave. Also, it won't be raining like it is now.


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