Sunday, August 1, 2004

New Month, New Goals

Today I settled on a rotation with a heavy emphasis on my RR commitments. The list is posted on the Rotation Stitchers on EzBoard and is as follows:

I am going with a daily rotation of 10 items with every other day working on a Round Robin piece until I get caught up on my RRs. I have about 9 stitching opportunities of about 4 hours per week. The evenings of each work day and two time slots on each weekend day so I should get through most of my rotation every week, which I hope will provide me with the variety I crave.

So basically it is going something like this:

1. EMS Pig Baby (for charity quilt)
2. RR
3. Dog for charity quilt
4. RR
5. Beach scene for charity quilt
6. RR
7. DT's Sampler Gameboard
8. RR
9. Marquoir story

Waiting in the wings to be incorporated in this rotation, in order of percentage finished are:

1.MLI Angel ornament
2.Santa Huck Towel (Design Connection book)
3.The Rose Garden (from old CS&CC)
4.Lighthouse (Dimensions pattern)
5.Anne-les-petites-croix Mystery Garden
6.Mystery she wrote sampler (Curtis Boehringer)
7.Who's the Boss (from a Stoney Creek book)
8. Maidens of the Seasons - Spring

Each to be incorporated to replace the charity squares. I am starting today. It is the evening and I am off to work on an RR, having already worked on the Pig Baby this morning.


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