Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Injured While Trying to Stay Cool

Please forgive me if I don't type much today. I was injured last night trying to save myself from a hot house. I got home around 6 to a house that was still over 85 degrees AND the air conditioner was still running. So I turned it off and called our a/c guy again, but he wasn't answering his cell. This is South Florida. We all die without a/c. Knowing it was a life or death emergency, I started calling places out of the yellow pages. Realizing that they would charge at least $65 to come out, when our unit is still under warranty, I decided to check the unit before I dragged someone out here for nothing. When I opened it up to see the coils, I saw that they were all frozen up. Looked like one of those old freezers.

So I took a hair dryer to the coils, melted all the ice off, opened the unit and there was a thick layer of ice over the fins. I ran the fan of the air conditioner while it was still open after I had melted a little of that ice to help it melt from both sides, since the house was hot. I kept checking back on it, and I could remove chunks of ice from the fins that was coming loose. Trying to push some of the ice off, I sliced my right index finger on the fins. And so, I became injured. By 7pm, all the ice had melted off, and the a/c was working again. I took a nice cold shower because by then I was dripping in sweat from working on the a/c in an 85 degree + house.

So, I wasn't able to stitch last night because my stitching finger is bandaged and I really can't type all that fast either. Last night I went by a friend's house to pick up an afghan we are working on for one of the owners of our LNS. It is all done in red and I will take a picture of it after I finish my part. We all meet on Tuesdays - which is today, YIPEE!! - and stitch from 6-8. It's a fun group and I very much enjoy going. Today I will bring my headless angel to stitch.

Stitchers Question of the Week this week is: What would you most like your favourite designer to design next? Well, it depends which favorite designer you are referring to. I love
Drawn Thread and I would love for them to do a beach/nautical/lighthouse pattern or a patriotic design. I'm really into those. I also love Prairie Schooler, Birds of a Feather, Twisted Threads, Little House of Needlework, JBW, and of course Lizzie Kate, Bent Creek, The Trilogy and Heart in Hand, among others. I would love Twisted Threads to do some designs about the workplace. I think those would be really fun with their twisted sense of humor! (Hope they are listening!) And, I guess those ten links I just gave you are my daily feature. Killed two birds with one stone - got to, I am typing with out my right index finger.


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