Monday, August 23, 2004

Monday, again? NO!!!

I managed to stitch quite a bit yesterday and finish the Round Robin that was giving me trouble the day before. I was able to find where I went off and fix it, so today I have two more RRs to mail out. Yipee!! Not only that, but I am COMPLETELY finished with one of the RRs and it can come off the list. My goal this year was to cut down the number of RRs I am in. I started the year with being part of a dozen and right now that number has been pared down to five and by the end of this week, hopefully I will knock off another one. I have some large projects I plan to stitch next year and tons of projects I have not been able to start because I was so busy stitching for RRs.

I watched the season finale of Dead Zone and it did not disappoint, however it was predictable in the sense that I anticipated that they would revive the Armageddon theme that ended last year's season and began this one. I would have liked them to have had at least one or two episodes on that theme this year (besides those at the beginning of the season) because, frankly, I have lost interest in that part of the storyline and don't think they will probably resolve it until they get ready to wrap up of the show. I got better things to wonder about. Like which twin will get evicted from Big Brother 5.

In case you missed the announcement last week, today is the day that time-and-a- half for overtime dies. They had the audacity to call this piece of fat cat legislation "FairPay". Who does this affect? Just about anyone. Techies. Nurses. Administrative personnel. Professionals. Executives. Anyone getting paid on a "salary basis". Which means that employers can switch their employees from hourly to salary and instantly make them exempt from overtime. What surprises me the most is that no one seems to care. There is no outrage.

Today's feature of the day is Cross Stitch Pattern and Fabric viewer. Hands down a site I can spend far too much time playing to see how different designs look on different fabrics. Whoever thought of this is a genius. It does give you a pretty good idea of how a design will look on different colors. I don't think it can substitute for a good ol' floss toss, but it will narrow the field down considerably and give you some options that perhaps you didn't think about.


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