Saturday, August 21, 2004

No time to breathe!

I barely got any stitching done yesterday. I got home at 8pm and was so tired. I did force myself to put a few stitches in an RR. More out of discipline than anything else.

The season finale of Monk was not as good as I expected. I guess instead of creating a cliff hanger with the story line, they created it with their commercials for it. Is Monk cured? Well, if you watched the show, you know he's not and he'll be back for another season, but as far as the story line goes, nothing is left "hanging". I think Dead Zone will do a better job with their season finale.

I have promised myself that today will be the day I choose my website host. I may not put up the site this weekend, or next, but the clock will start ticking and I know I will have SOMETHING up in a month. I want to choose one that will give me a good price, but not force me to pay a year up front. Who knows if I will still be interested six months from now.

Blog feature of the day is: because they have some old freebies that are no longer available on the internet. Also they actually have a blackwork collection and it's pretty decent I would say. I think I would like to get those balconies for myself.


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