Monday, August 30, 2004

Still Plugging Along

Woke up this morning and added more to my ever growing chart inventory. Current count is 850 - stopped because it is a nice round number. Still have all my Lizzie Kates to add - this list only has 39 and I know I have over a hundred. Now do you believe me when I tell you it is a sickness??? If I had 850 pairs of shoes, or purses, or any other thing, people would be talking behind my back saying I "had a problem". But us stitchers tend to encourage this behavior, which is part of the problem. Anytime I mention that I have enough stash for several lifetimes, people say "Oh, honey, me too!". So, are we all nutcases???

Didn't stitch as much as I had hoped this weekend because my finger, even though it feels better is still tender and something as skinny as a needle really bothers me. Didn't start Treat Time either, just stitched a little on my RRs.

It's back to work this morning, and as much as I enjoy what I do, there's a low level groan about it. I managed to forget this weekend all I have pending but this morning my mind is bringing it all back to the front.

Today's feature of the day is
European Cross Stitch. I really don't want to feature stores on my blog - and I'm not getting anything for sending traffic there in case you are wondering - but as one of a handful of places that is licensed to sell Martina Weber's Chatelaine designs, the site is worth visiting. I am currently a member of Mystery VI - not stitching it, but am part of the group and am getting parts of the design. If you are not familiar with this designer, you are really missing out on some awesome designs. One of these years I am going to do Convent's Herbal Garden and Knotgarden - they are just amazing!!!

Stitcher's Question of the Week is : Do you feel cross stitching requires patience? Tricky question. Yes and No. Yes in the sense that it requires hours to stitch even the simplest of designs, and because it's not an activity you can rush through or do mindlessly - you have to be careful or you will lose count. Yes also in the sense that it is something you have to wait for and that requires perserverance. No in the sense that since it is something I enjoy, there's no suffering involved. Except for some pieces that have made me want to pull my hair out. Patience implies a resolve in the face of adversity. I don't view my stitching as something onerous, but as pleasurable.


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