Thursday, August 26, 2004

Website Up!

Well, since I am still injured from trying to fix the A/C last night I finally put the website up (see, I TOLD you if I bought the hosting I would not let it go to waste!). I am at Bravenet - for now. No commitment and I paid through PayPal so they can't charge me without my approval. The site is a work in progress and yesterday was just Day 1 of it, so stay tuned folks. I am hoping to give it 20 mins a day, don't want it intruding into my stitching time and, besides, this is what I do all day anyways and what I stitch to get away from.

Today's feature of the day is
Dragonfly Stitches. I am in a blackwork kick lately, so you will have to excuse me until it passes. She has some nice freebies and I just learned a Yahoo! group with more freebies. I placed an order for a blackwork kit with Cross Stitch Station in Miami when I was down there on a "field trip" with my friends from the Cross Stitch Cupboard SAL. It's coming from the UK, I think, and I guess I better check on it because it's been weeks. In my stash I have a pattern called "Miranda" from Fanta Cat Designs. It is a 20" long mermaid done mostly in blackwork. I just realized that she didn't make the list of projects. I have so much stash it's obscene.


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