Sunday, August 29, 2004


Yesterday I spent time thinking about how many charts I had and that I really didn't know how many - it would be good to have a number to get an idea. I think we tend to underestimate the number of charts we have since you can put away a whole lot of them in a small place. So this morning I woke up and went looking for some software that would help me catalog my inventory, and I looked high and low and was not able to find any to my liking. I have heard others comment on The Stash Can, but when I went to the site it had not been updated in two years. Thanks, but no thanks.

So I was really thinking of doing something in Access, but I really don't know how many different fields I was going to want, so I went the Excel route instead, since it's so easy to import from it into Access. I brought out some of my binders and simply started flipping the pages, entering designer name, pattern name, Main Category, Secondary Category, and Notes. Two hours later, I had entered 409 charts; by time I called it quits, it had swelled to 737 and I'm nowhere close to being finished. I think I might need a business license to have this many.

My Dad showed up and I had promised to help him move a bed bed to his house because he needs to replace his. It was a heck of an ordeal, especially since it's 100 degrees today. I just now got back and rembered that I hadn't put in an entry to my blog. I believe that discipline is 99% of success, so here I am.

Today's site of the day is
Cross Stitch Corner, a site I had been to before but was not aware that it had some very specific information. If you click on Cross Stitch Information, you will find a wealth of instructions for working various charts. I will definetely be back when I stitch Drawn Thread's Random Thoughts and Sanctuary.


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