Saturday, August 28, 2004

Stitching Saturdays!

Finally, a day where I can stitch! My finger is better - not 100%, but certainly enough to stitch. Today I had planned to start "Treat Time" by Lizzie Kate but have two impediments. The first one is that WDW Lucky didn't come in last week, so I am short a thread and I don't want to stitch it if I can't finish it. The second is that I haven't been able to stitch all week and am behind on Round Robins and the Sampler Gameboard for this week.

I am a stash addict. Stash is my kryptonite - it makes me weak and I cannot resist. I was looking for pictures of future projects to put up on
my website and I was finding images from online stores, and of course, I ended up buying something. On top of the three charts I got off eBay this week, and another order I placed this week for charts on sale. I think this brings the weekly total addition to my stash to 9 charts, one magazine, and the BHG calendar for 2004. Do the math folks, 11 items times 52 weeks is 572 items a year. I'm doing good if I can stitch 40-50 projects a year. I am sick. Sick I tell ya! Somewhere there has to be a support group for this type of behavior. I don't compulsively buy anything else. Just stash. Never mind that I have enough for several lifestyles. I seriously need to get my head examined. So today's feature of the day is a cute page I found that let's know know if you are a cross stitch addict. I can't seem to find a group or page anywhere to help if with this specific behavior, if you do, let me know.

In world news, Dubya finally admitted to having
"miscalculated" on Iraq. Duh! You think? He should have gone back and read what his father said about the first Iraq war. So now, of course, the GOP wants Bush to draw the attention off Iraq during the convention. I don't know what they want to distract us with. I don't think rising poverty will cut it and there really isn't a whole lot that he's done that is positive. Besides, NOT mentioning Iraq, and our future plans there, would be like declaring it an unimportant issue and ignoring the huge sacrifice so many American service members and their families are making to support Bush's dumb plan. Two U.S. servicemen die per day and about 16 are injured, 80% of which are 29 and under. This is not something you can sweep under the rug and pretend isn't there. I think if people asked themselves "Am I better off this year than I was three years ago?", Bush wouldn't have a chance in hell of getting elected. But most of us are too busy and too tired from working our butts off to sustain an increasingly lesser lifestyle to reflect. Maybe that was his plan all along.


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