Monday, July 9, 2007

Update from the Weekend

Well, so much for the rotation, at least on the weekends. When it came time to rip Seaside Cottage’s lighthouse, I just couldn’t do it. So, I didn’t stitch at all on Saturday. When Sunday came along, I was having so much fun with Nick that I didn’t feel like going to stitch with my friends in the afternoons. Nick started walking on June 29th and this weekend was the first time that he could walk without a crutch or cane. Next weekend, will be his last weekend here before he returns to Camp Lejeune, so we are planning something special. Not sure what yet, probably SeaWorld, if he can handle it, or something that requires less walking, if he can’t. It really depends on how much he is walking by then.

So, stitching-wise, the weekend was a total bust. But I did get a lot of other things done, such as decide how I am going to decorate our bedroom and what I want for the living room. I guess you can say that, creatively, the weekend was not a total waste.

On a completely different subject, this weekend I got caught up on watching a few reality shows such as Big Brother 8, Top Chef and Next Food Network Star. I was surprised at the nominations for BB8 – I was hoping it would be Jen & James. I find them extremely annoying. Who the heck cries like that over a photo?

In Top Chef, Micah was sent packing for not being able to produce a semi-decent meatloaf. Seriously. I realize she is not from the US, but how hard is it for a TOP CHEF to make meatloaf???

In Next Food Network Star, I don’t feel the right decision was made. While Paul was completely stupid while describing the “Iron Chef” episode, his food was better than JAG’s. I don’t know that I agree with basing the decision on past episodes, but even so, the main criticism JAG has received is that his food is too complicated and doesn’t translate for the home viewer. The mystery ingredient in the Iron Chef competition for JAG & Amy was chicken. How does a chef botch cooking something as ordinary as chicken??? All three of his dishes tanked. For that, and that alone, he should have been sent home. I also feel that JAG is too rough around the edges and doesn’t interact well with the camera. Right now, unless she does something really bad, I think Amy will be the next Food Network Star and I’m going to enjoy watching her. I also want that the recipe for the chicken/mushroom thing she did. Looked really delish.

This past few months that Nick has been here I have been watching A LOT of TV. I really got to stop that. I can’t remember when was the last time I worked out and I think I’ve gained at least 5 pounds. Yesterday, while at Borders, I noticed in the bargain racks a Health/Exercise diary for $3.95. Great price, so I bought it. I plan on starting using it right away and bringing the Gazelle out of the closet. Nick and I are also going to start checking out Tae Kwon Do dojos close to the house. I really want to get back to it.

Also to be placed on my future schedule, my friend Liz sent me an email yesterday saying she was coming back from Philly (she travels a lot) and wanted to know if I wanted to kayak this coming weekend. Well, as I mentioned before, it’s Nick’s last weekend, so probably not, but I definitely want to add it to my schedule. Nick wants to kayak too, so it would be something fun to do when he moves back later this year.

Today I should be stitching on the Father's Day piece, which I am thinking will be my "lunch" piece from now on. I'm getting tired of carrying big stuff to the office.


Blogger The Silver Thistle said...

I'm watching the UK BB8 and spend the whole time yelling and screaming at the screen, lol. Some (most) of them drive me insane!

I saw the first episode of your BB8 and got right into it, I just need to find the following ep's now. From what I saw, I was quite liking Dustin but Joe................not a lot of love for Joe :(

7:58 PM  
Blogger ollie1976 said...

I wanted to smack Jen for being so shallow when it came to her picture!

7:40 AM  

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