Thursday, July 12, 2007

Becoming Reacquainted

Wednesday night I stitched on the Rose Garden piece. I didn't stitch a whole lot for two reasons. The fiirst is because, after not stitching on it for at least 6 mos (maybe more) I had to familiarize myself again with where I was, what needed to be stitched, and what the symbols meant. The second reason is because I had not slept much the night before and I was tired. I haven't been sleeping much lately. It's becoming a problem and I have to contact my doctor and see what can be done.
Other than that, I haven't been stitching much because I've been spending as much time as I can with Nick, who will be returning to North Carolina this Thursday morning. Boo hoo. I've gotten used to the little stinker being around.

I finished week 3 at my new job, which is usually the break-or-make week for me. It pretty much takes me that long to figure out who I am working for and what kind of organization they have. The business that I work for is a locally owned franchise of a well-known national business. The company is currently doing over a million in sales per month, which makes it a nice mid-size company to work for. The management team is comprised of a husband and wife and some of his grown kids. The wife used to run a restaurant in a college town up in Montana and she's pretty much treating employees like they're all a bunch of flaky kids. When I interviewed for the position, the husband said that he would like it very much if I could get his wife to become less involved.

So, you can see I got my work cut out for me, but right now she's really not my main concern. I got a staff member that will probably have to be let go. Her productivity is ridiculous, she's always having to take off for one reason or another, and, what makes it the clincher for me, she is pretty negative and when she gets upset she can poison the atmosphere of the entire office with her continued griping.


Blogger Kathryn said...

I know it's hard to fire people. My husband is the chairman for a volunteer organization and constantly having trouble with one critical volunteer. He's been waffling about "replacing" her for a Year! But things are really coming to a head. If he had "fired" her months ago, he wouldn't be in this anguish now. Time's too short to deal with negative, unproductive people.

About the iPhone. In generally we always wait for the latest and greatest new technology to be announced, then buy last year's tech at a good price. But the iPhone came out at the perfect time for me -- my cellphone contract was up at a service I hated, my old phone was rapidly dying, and we are long time Mac users. What's not to like? Yes, I might be jealous when my husband buys a better iPhone next year. (He has a video iPod and I just have a 4th gen.) But I needed a new phone now! I don't spend a lot of time on the phone, but it can't just be a toy either. So far I am extremely happy about the cell reception, the battery life, and the whole user experience. I might not use all the bells and whistles that other users do, but for what I need it for, it WORKS.

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