Friday, March 23, 2007

June Contest Decision

I'm stitching Elizabeth's Designs' "Seaside Cottage" for the contest. I've had this chart for several years now and have always loved it. If time permits, I will also stitch one of Elizabeth's Designs' "My Garden Stitching Club" charts, but first I need to find out if they are still avalailable. If not, I have two other charts I want to stitch from her, "Welcome Sampler" and "My Country House"
Because I removed a few pieces from my WIP queue. I have decided to add 4 new pieces to replace the ones removed. Nothing too large. Basically medium size pieces for variety. The lucky finalists, not necessarily in order, are:
  1. Carriage House Samplings "Hearts & Flowers"
  2. Sue Hillis "For the Dieter"
  3. The Workbasket "Mermaids Singing"
  4. Pine Mountain "Chicks Rule"

I am giving my friend, Measie, Maidens of the Seasons, Spring. She's a big Mirabilia fan and I've lost interest in the piece.

I'm removing another widget on my blog - this time it's "The Daily Puppy". They sure are cute, but if it's making the page crash, then it's gotta go. Let's see how it goes....


Blogger Anna van Schurman said...

I didn't have any trouble with your pages today or Wednesday.

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