Monday, March 19, 2007

Way Too Much Stash

Poverty wants some thing, luxury many things, avarice all things. Benjamin Franklin
My good friend, Ruth, shared this quote with me last night when we were talking about how much stash we both have. Both of us - independently - have about as much stash (or even more) as the average LNS. But then, to our defense, we have been collecting for years. Since the 80s for me, the 70s for her. We don't actually buy all stash - although I do have entire collections of some designers - so, we are sticking with "luxury". I makes us feel better. LOL Didn't Benjamin Franklin also say "Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it"? Well, I don't think we can be called "wealthy" but we do enjoy our money, especially when we purchase stash with it.
So why do we do it? Why do we keep buying when we have enough for several lifetimes? I think, for me, it's not that I think something won't be available - most new releases are going to be around for at least the next 3 years (unless it's a limited edition) - but I think I am going to forget it and be able to remember later what it was that I wanted. Well.. the question that begs to be asked here is: If you forget it, how badly did you want it in the first place?
I know I have discussed this in my blog numerous times already. I guess it's something that I am trying to stop doing. If I seldom visited an LNS it probably would be easier to manage, but going every week to one, and every other week to a different one, keeps me constantly buying. It's too bad that I my religion doesn't ask one to give up doing anything for any period of time (save fasting for Yom Kippur). If I were Catholic or Christian I guess I could give up stash shopping for Lent and stick to it. At least I wouldn't shop for 40 days... then again, I might just ask the store to put it aside for me for after Easter... If there is a way around a rule, trust me to find it...
I don't know what is up with this blog. Today I tried removing the Slide widget to see if the page would pull up. It didn't change anything. It's still giving me problems. I think the problem is IE7 because it doesn't happen when I use Firefox. I may be forced to move...


Blogger Anna van Schurman said...

I'm just going to point out that Catholics are Christian. It's one of those weird things that I've been hearing a lot lately, and I'm going to hijack your forum to say it. :) Catholics are the original Christians, in fact. I don't know why this makes me crazy. I'm not even Catholic any more.

I have trouble reading your blog on IE--I get a message saying that IE can't open the website. No troubles with Firefox. I don't have the same trouble with my blogger site.

4:13 PM  
Blogger Kathryn said...

[rant]You could just tell your friends using IE to switch to Firefox.[/rant]

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand the "way too much stash" dilemma. I've been cross stitching since the late 70's. I have more than two lifetime's worth of stash. It can be a hard obession to control.

For the most part, I buy to support the designer's work, especially those that "speak" to me like Cross Winged Collection. I also buy stash to support my local LNS. They need the business! Do you know your local LNS can't buy DMC thread wholesale at the same price Wal Mart can sell it at retail. Oh the evil....

I do need to start putting some breaks on my buying. Too much is too much. I often ask why I spend so much and I think it is because a) I'm single, and b) have the income to support it. Otherwise, I know my stash would be much smaller.

Also, as a user of Firefox, I second Kathryn's rant!

10:11 AM  

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