Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Squeaking In Another Happy Dance

I managed to squeeze in another Happy Dance this month I finished last night Lizzie Kate's A Bit of January FlipIt Bit! The scarf is stitched in WDW Red Pear but the mittens in DMC (because I simply couldn't wait!)

Had a great time stitching last night at the Cupboard. Emily came by (I missed her!) and also some new stitchers. It's good to make new friends!

Going around in the blogosphere is the "6 Weird Things About Me" list. I've seen it in a lot of blogs, so I'd thought I'd jump in and see if I can stop myself at 6...

1 - I like to eat french fries with mayonnaise. To my defense, there are two other ladies (Jeanne & Diane) from my Tuesday night SAL at the cupboard who also like this. Good to know I am not alone.

2. I cannot sleep with socks. Don't know why, but that's the way it is. If I fall asleep with socks on, by the time I wake up, they are off.

3. I have an extensive pajama collection. I probably have over 30 sets of pajamas and I just bought yet another one at Old Navy this past weekend (it was valentine themed and loving hearts, I could not resist). I also have a lot of slippers.

4. I love planes and airports. Every time I drive on 595 or I-95 I am almost driven to distraction by looking at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International's runways. When I lived in Miami (before all the crazy security) I would spend afternoons hanging out at the airport watching planes come and go. When I fly, I like to have at least a 2hr layover so I can walk around the airport.

5. I do not like birds. Not canaries, parakeets, chickens, ducks, what have you. They give me the creeps. I think it has something to do with their eyes.

There you go! Emily, you are tagged! Also, if whoever is reading this hasn't answered this yet, consider yourself tag.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love reading the things that people think are weird about themselves. It always makes me laugh :)

9:04 PM  
Blogger Name: Vicki said...

Your latest finish is really cute!

11:44 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

It looks adorable...and even better in person! Ok, I'm off to think of weird things ;-)

3:35 PM  
Blogger Cindy said...

Love the finish!!! It looks fantastic!

7:26 PM  

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