Thursday, January 11, 2007

SBQ & Update

First SBQ of 2007:

Do you dream of running your own LNS/ONS? If so, tell us about your dream. If not, tell us about your cross stitch dream… maybe you dream of designing, dyeing your own floss or fabric, etc.

No, not really. As much as I love cross stitch, the low margin of profits doesn't tempt me to open my own shop. It just seems a lot of work for the return, so I admire those who do have their own LNS/ONS, but I need a whole lot more to live on. Even my own LNS, Cross Stitch Cupboard, says that the gift part of the store is what makes the cross stitch part possible and they've been open 25 years and are they ONLY cross stitch store in Broward County, which has a population of 2 MILLION, (not counting snowbirds, illegals and visitors). The other two close by are in downtown Miami (Cross Stitch Station) and in Lake Park, FL (Always in Stitches) which is north of West Palm Beach.

The only cross stitch dream I have is to have the time to stitch all the charts I have stored and want to stitch.... but I'd have to live (and be well enough to stitch) until I was about 120 (considering I'll retire @ 65).

On another note, here is the status of the Lights of Advent ornie:

If you plan to stitch this ornie, do yourself a favor and do it on 32 or higher count. Otherwise it will come out a bit too big and you won't have great coverage. (In other words, don't use 28 like I did...)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love the ornie and think it looks perfect!

12:25 PM  
Blogger Tobie said...

I like your ornament too, and think it looks fine! Cross Stitch Cupboard is one shop I've visited while on vacation in 2001. What a lovely view you wake up to each morning, wow!

8:35 PM  

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