Thursday, November 30, 2006

Waste Knot, Want Knot...

Today's SBQ is: How do you secure your thread when you begin a new one? Specifically, do you or have you ever used a waste knot?

Most of the time I use the loop method when starting with a new thread, if possible. If I am only using one (or three) strand(s) then I weave the end of the strand(s) either under new stiches or existing stitches.
I have really made it a point to avoid writing in my blog about work. Even though I like where I work, and most of those I work with, lately things have been pretty strained. Our company was bought out by another in March. The company which bought us also bought another company in Miami. Last month the first round of layoffs started and it pretty much surprised everyone who they let go. What was even more confusing was that they turned around and HIRED new people. The scuttlebutt has been the next round of layoffs would be in December. Merry Holidays to us! So with the month about to start, you can imagine why some would be more than a bit stressed out, despite the fact that we are being offered very generous severance packages.
Making matters worse, is that it has already been decided that our company will move to the offices of the company in Miami. Most of us here live in North Broward. This other company is just west of Miami International Airport in an area known as Doral and 40 miles from our current location. Considering how awful Miami (and South Florida) traffic is, you can imagine that not many are eager to hear of this. I, for one, have no intention of driving 90 miles per day, especially since I moved to Lauderdale by the Sea, in part, to be 3 miles away from the office.
However, we were told today by our VP (who is leaving at the end of the year) that they were letting go two people in Accts Receivable and that no more layoffs were planned until next year because the company was concerned about attrition due to the new location. So now people are breathing a sigh of relief that the end is not as imminent as first thought. A very important thing to know this time of year. Our VP also told us that the move to Miami would not take place until March and, if we were not willing to go to the new location, we would still be offered the usual severance package.
I am happy with the news. I rather be laid off early next year than in December.


Blogger Emily said...

At least the work thing seems a little more positive! Have more time to look for something else and don't have to worry about it over the holidays...hang in there!!

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Marita said...

You did post on my blog about the texting. When I have the site open I can't see any problems there ;)
Have a good weekend with lots of craftings :D

3:36 AM  

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