Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Piece Up For Adoption

Sorry I've been away. The kid left Sunday after being here a month and I had simply lost the habit of coming online and posting. Another reason, which I just realized yesterday, is that I simply don't like stitching what I am stitching (If a Flower Bloomed). Last night I was at my LNS's SAL and I remarked that I didn't know what I was going to do with this piece, because I really didn't want it in my home and that I probably would donate it.
Well, that set off an alarm. If I don't like it, what am I doing stitching it? I am stitching it because I started it and I believe that I should finish everything I start. Last Thursday I was at EGA and one of the ladies was speaking and one of the things she said kinda struck a cord. She said that one of the things she had learned from EGA was that it was okay to not finish a project. That if she had stitched all she wanted of a piece, and felt she didn't want to spend any more time on it, that it was okay to leave it unfinished.
That is going to be difficult for me. If I stop stitching it, and come across it again a few weeks or months from now, it's going to bug me that it's not finished. So, I am thinking of putting it up for adoption. If any of my regular readers feels she wants to finish it, let me know. This piece is on 28ct lugana/jobelyn in light yellow (buttermilk?) and is stitched solely with DMC floss. Chart will be provided.
It really wasn't my intention to meet my 12 WIP goal through adoption but I guess now the next thing to do, before I waste my time on more projects I really don't want, is to re-assess the pieces that are pending. Who knows? Maybe more pieces will be placed for adoption.... However, for now, I think I will go back to stitching on "The Rose Garden".
Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Blogger Emily said...

Glad you are back blogging :-)
Hope he finds a good home! And you're right, there is WAY too much to stitch to be working on something you don't like! But it is hard to give up.....

12:01 PM  
Blogger Cindy said...

If I did not have so much going on, I might think about it. I am sure that someone will come along that really wants it and would love to finish it!

12:13 PM  
Blogger Lili said...

I do agree with the lady who said that there 's no need to stitch it if you don't like it: she's right. We don't have enough time for our hobby, so if we don't spend a happy moment because we dont want to stitch it, what's the benefit for you?
Lots of stitchers have admitted that UFOs exist... it's your turn to believe! lol...
Take care!

5:06 AM  
Blogger BlissxStitches said...

I hope your piece finds a new home. I want first dibs on the Rose Garden if you decide you don't like that one (hehe).

Have a lovely thanksgiving.

2:46 PM  
Anonymous The Silver Thistle said...

I sympathise with you...I have EXACTLY the same thing going on with my 'Earth Dancer'. It's been sitting at the same stage for years and I can honestly say I have not the slightest inclination to finish it up. It's only got a little bit to go but it won't be me that finishes it. It just sits there, glaring at me, lol.

Hope you find a good home for your unloved piece :)

BTW, it was actually your Paradigm Lost that led me here. I was looking for WIP for it and you were the first Google search.

8:48 AM  

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