Friday, January 5, 2007

New Year, New Goals

Stephen has run off with my camara, so I've been putting off posting to get it back and be able to show a picture of my progress on the Lighthouses of Florida piece. Just visualize all the cross stitching done and some of the backstitching - LOL.
Stitching goals for this year are as follows:
1) Keep up with the Ornament SAL with StitchersTimeOut (a yahoo group)
2) Finish The Rose Garden
3) Finish Sunshine State Sampler
4) Finish Snappers 2004
5) Finish Mystery VIII
6) Stitch one complete Twelve Days of Xmas ornament series
Considering my busy schedule, and all other things I want to do that are not cross stitch related, I think this is what I can reasonably accomplish. Also, since it looks like I already own everything I need to accomplish all the stitching I plan to do in 2007, my aim is also to severely cut down my cross stitch purchases, and also do so some serious purging. I love cross stitching, but it's not all that I am about. I want to have time to read. I want to have time to exercise. I want to have time to socialize. I want to try some beading. Learn to sew. And many other things.



Blogger Meari said...

Good luck on your 2007 goals!

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