Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pic Update

I have been really busy the past week. No time to post, no time to stitch. Merger is driving me nuts. On Sunday I realized that each year I "collect" (can't seem to know what else to call it) Lizzie Kate Monthly FlipIts but I have only stitched none from 2006, one from 2005, none from 2004 and maybe 2 from 2003. Pretty bad, huh? So, I decided this year would be different. I took January to my Sunday SAL in Hollywood and I pretty much finished most of it. The rest I did while watching The Apprentice. I would have finished it if I had had WDW Red Pear, and I didn't mind stitching the mittens with DMC, but I'm not stitching the scarf with it. So, here it is:

Also, I was not able to finish 2 Turtle Dove(s) because instead of High Luster #4 Braid, I bought High Luster Filament. Duh! This weekend, when there is a SuperBowl sale, I will pick up the braid. Might as well wait and save!


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Both pieces look great.

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