Thursday, October 12, 2006

Update & SBQ

This is where the PigBaby is now. I'll come back later and write a bit.
Today's SBQ was suggested by Lee (http://lakestitcher .blogspot. com/)and is:
As we all know, stitching in the winter can really be rough on the hands. What do you do to treat your hands well in the cold winter months? Do you have any suggestions for creams or soaps? Or perhaps a special regimen that you would like to share?
We don't have winter in paradise :)
I do the same things I do all year long - wash my hands with mosturizing soap, followed by an application of hand lotion each time I wash my hands. I have very a nice hand lotion at my desk at work - Camille Beckman's Glycerine Hand Therapy - and I try to apply it at least twice a day. Smells great too - so it's a nice pick me up.



Anonymous Melanie said...

Cute! I stitched this little piggy a few years back :)

7:21 PM  
Blogger Meari said...

I drink so much water while at work that I'm in and out of the bathroom so much. I'd have to buy stock in hand lotion if I applied it every time I washed my hands. LOL I do keep some in my drawer for when my hands feel unusually dry, though. I wish I lived in Paradise! ;)

3:50 PM  

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