Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I was asked by a member of my favorite online group, Stitcher's Time Out, how I managed so many projects at one time. Well, that's just it. I wasn't managing them at all, which is why I decided to take pictures, post them on this blog and start working on them. So, as I began explaining how I ended up with so many projects to begin with, it occurred to me that I hadn't offered that explanation to my fellow stitching bloggers. So, here it goes:

The Pig Baby was to be for a charity quilt that some friends roped me into.

The Santa towel was to be a xmas gift, but I didn't have time to finish it.

If a Flower Bloomed was to be for an exchange, but then I changed my mind and stitched something else.

The Sunshine State Sampler was from a class given in Orlando last year that I didn't finish

The Xmas ornie was started in January - it was a group project -but I didn't have time to finish it, so it got put away

The Needlepoint Lady was bought at my EGA's White Elephant sale - what is stitched was done by a member of our guild - I want to finish it.

I fell behind Chatelaine's Mystery 8 and never managed to catch up. 2005 was a year I was busy building a business.

The Maidens of the Seasons was going to be for a Mirabilia RR that fell apart.

The Cappuccino towel was my piece for an RR, but then I got too busy with other RRs to actually finish it. So, I have three other coffee cup towels put away somewhere.

Janlynn Lighthouses was started for another RR that fell apart.

The 2004 Snappers was for an RR with 6 people - I stitched the first two - then people started dropping off and I was lucky to get it back - now it needs from Sept to Dec, plus the border.

Needless to say I don't do RRs anymore...

Anyway, for those of you who were wondering, now you know...


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