Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Feeling Like Such An Idiot

Well, I am back from my trip to Camp Lejeune. Nick is in a lot of pain. He's nearly gone through the 40 Percocets he got on Saturday afternoon when he was discharged. He's been taking 2 every 4 hours without fail and still complains of pain. Tomorrow I will take him down to the VA clinic to get more.

The past couple of days - from Sunday to today - I've lost my video iPod on Sunday (it turned up within Nick's clothes today as I was unpacking), left the keys in the car Sunday while packing (cost $60 to get it opened), and now I've lost my keys altogether and we've turned the house upside down for hours trying to find them. Even my eldest came by today to see Nick and helped look. I got duplicates of everything, so it isn't such a big deal, but it's just so frustrating!

Yesterday we got in around 3pm. The only place I went was Publix and even though I checked twice there already, I know I didn't leave them there. I made several trips to the car to bring things in and I used the key to open the car, but not to come in the house. I left the door open because I was going to have my hands full.

I just feel like such a big idiot.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ho Hum Day

Today I took the car to mechanic for a once-over, changing the front brake pads, and an oil change. It had only been 2000 miles since the last one, but I like to take road trips knowing everything has been checked/lubed/topped off, etc etc So the car is fine, which I knew, but it's nice to have a professional opinion.
Matt (aka "Bubba") asked me to not drive alone to NC because of the fall. So I asked him if he was volunteering. Of course not. What does the kid expect me to do? Put an ad on Craigs List and see what psycopath answers in the next 24 hours? Geez... It's like the fifth time I drive up there. Last October I drove my narcoleptic self up there and had to take six times the medicine I was prescribed to stay awake. Yet, he didn't seem concerned. Now a sore ankle is a life threatening condition that requires supervision? I don't get it.
Get this: the place I fell at last Monday has asked me to return for a second interview. Cool, huh? I'm going tomorrow at 9am. With luck, I'll be over around 10am and be able to hit the road sometime around noon. I plan to drive up to either Jacksonville or Savannah before stopping for the night. Haven't made up my mind yet. I'm so not ready. Usually, I'm a lot more organized than I am right now. I have to do laundry, I haven't packed, I should straighten up the house some, I need to pick a book, a cross stitch project, and put more songs/audio books on my ipod for the trip.
All of this I plan to do tomorrow. Or shall I say today? It's past midnight and I'm still puttering around. I never sleep well before a road trip.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Recovering Nicely - I think...

Yesterday morning I woke up plenty sore from my "poor person's bone scan" of Monday. I was sore in places I hadn't noticed before. The good news is that the major places - my head and my back - were not hit. All my limbs hurt though, and the only concern I have is for my right ankle. While it's true that I can bear my weight on it without a problem, yesterday when I woke up instead of it being bruised, it was red. I can flex my foot downward to point my toes, but not upwards.

Tomorrow I take off for NC - Nick is having surgery on his right knee Friday morning. I don't think any of this is a medical emergency because I can drive allright, but as soon as I get back (or should things get worse) I will get a doctor to look at it.

As far as the interview, it was going well. I guess if they hire me I won't sue... lol

Monday, May 14, 2007

Flying Leaps

Today I went to an interview and on the way out, I fell down a flight of stairs. I'm okay, but pretty banged up. On the bad side, I'm going to have technicolor skin tomorrow, and possibly even more soreness. On the positive side, I was thinking of asking my doctor for a bone scan because I had a hysterectomy 10 years ago and I am not on hormone replacement therapy, so I worry about osteoporosis, which my grandmother had quite severely. My mother had it too. When she was in her late 50s, she tripped over a hose in the backyard and broke her ankle. I was there and saw it all, and it was a regular trip - nothing complicated at all.
So, if I fell down a flight of stairs and didn't break anything, then I guess we can assume my bones are okay. One less thing to worry about.
I cancelled the 4th installment of my root canal after the "flight" and went home. I was feeling quite sleepy and tired. Tried to nap, but sleep wouldn't come. Would go to be early instead.
Thank g-d for TiVo - Heroes and 24 are on tonight!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Somewhat Outraged

Have y'all noticed that freebies are becoming more and more scarce? Is it just me? I'm starting a new blog and issuing a challenge to all stitchers out there in cyberspace to bring back the freebie!!!

The name of this new blog is....

Wait for it....

Just Another Freebie in Cyberspace

Of course!!! What did you expect???

Not going to rehash the reasons here - just go over there and read it.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Today's SBQ was suggested Kathryn and is:

How many WIPs do you have?

At the present time, there are 8. They are listed on the sidebar.

How many UFOs do you have?

None - I get rid of them. UFOs belong in outer space.

When does a WIP become a UFO?

For me, a WIP becomes a UFO when I no longer truly desire to stitch that particular piece anymore. I had been keeping things partly out of my own personal pride (I don't see myself as the kind of person who doesn't finish what she starts) and partly out of sentimentality or maybe even possessiveness. It is my work and 1) I don't throw my work away and 2) It's a visual record of my time.

But then I realized that I like to stitch. Stitching should be secondary to finishing. Yes, I start working on something with the belief that I will one day - not too far into the future - finish it. But if, along the way, I change my mind about the piece - much in the same way we all change our minds about our clothes, hairstyles, furniture, decor, and all other things in our lives, it's okay to let it go. If I enjoyed stitching it then it served it's purpose. If I don't want to stitch on it anymore, then I need to do something with it. It can't just live with me forever unfinished. Usually, I try to give it away to someone. If no one wants it, then Sayonara.

Most of us have more than we will ever be able to stitch. Why try to hang on to something that doesn't excite us anymore when there are so many other pieces we could be working on?

Middle of the Road

After reading my previous post I guess those of you reading can't make up your minds whether I am liberal or conservative. I am going to call it "Capitalist Tree Hugger". I am all for business and for making money, just not at the expense of abusing others or the environment. I'm all for helping others, but expect them to show some effort at wanting to better their station in life, and I don't like those who "use the system" to get something for nothing. That is just plain wrong.

On to stitching updates. Now that I am feeling better from Monday's root canal, I have started stitching again. I am working on RK Portfolio's "Stitch", which is a dog, and I just noticed yesterday that either the key is wrong or the person stitching the model stitched it wrong. I sorta wondered about this when I started stitching, but decide to plow on and see where it would take me. Well, it may end up a bit different, but I'm too far gone with it to rip it out. Will post a picture later - Matt's run off with my camara again. The kid has a birthday later this month and he's getting a camara - no more running off with mine!

On the work front, Monday was my last day at my company. Until mid-August, I will continue getting paid my salary and will continue all my benefits, without having to pay for any of them. Not a bad deal.

My dad called a few moments ago and let me know the weatherman said it was lovely weather for the beach - like most Lauderdale by the Sea days... lol - but with the Air & Sea Show this weekend, I'm thinking to hang out there and see if they are practicing - don't have an interview until tomorrow anyway.
I had a good interview yesterday at the local blood bank - the position interests me because I'll be doing good for others not just making a lot of money for myself. The position pays very well, btw.