Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Tuesdays Keep Me Sane

No matter how rough the week gets, I can always count on a Tuesday coming along and making it all better. As I have mentioned in weeks past, today is the SAL at my LNS. I have to call later today to make sure they are okay and the shop didn't have any damage. So far, no one from the group has heard from them.
I forgot yesterday to add a Site of the Day, so today I will give you two: one stitching related, and the other one not. I will give you the non-stitching one first before you disappear on me: it is Digital Soulvation a photo blog from another Hallandale Beach resident. Anyone with a picture of the Hallandale Beach Ball gets mentioned in my blog. Simple as that. So, if you are curious about where I live, hop on over and take a gander. If you are still with me, the stitching related site is one that is quite useful right now and hopefully will become even more so as it is added on. The Cross Stitch Magazine Database already boasts 264 indexed magazine issues and 2,757 patterns! Need I say more? Go over there and check it out! Better yet, I'd like to challenge everyone who reads this blog today to index one issue for her by Sunday. You know we all will benefit from it, so let's help!

Well, it's back to the salt mill for me. Tons of work waiting for me since we've been closed since Thursday thanks to Hurricane Frances. The inventory project is stalled at 1,355 charts - all my stash remains evacuated until Ivan is no longer a threat, so I guess the earliest I will be able to update will be next week.


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