Monday, September 6, 2004

September Goals

I forgot to publish my stitching goals for September. I usually put these up at the Rotation Stitchers board. This month weeks begin on Wednesdays and end on Tuesdays, and with tomorrow being Tuesday, I thought it'd be a good idea to update.
Stitch 4 Gameboard squares per week - this is the only one done
Finish 4 RR pieces - one a week (nope, stash evacuated Thursday)
Lizzie Kate's Treat Time (not started - evacuated)
Finish MLI Angel - worked on it at my LNS last Tuesday.
Work 3 sessions on the Rose Garden (evacuated)
Work 3 sessions on Who's The Boss? (evacuated)
Hinzeit Marines (evacuated)
Hinzeit Purse (not arrived)
Work 3 sessions on the Santa Huck Towel (evacuated)
Considering that so much of my stash has been evacuated, and that due to all the excitement of the past few days, I have pretty much lost an entire week of stitching, so I will remove the last 3-4 goals and just add them back next month. I did keep the MLI angel with me but it's too detailed and I just can't seem to concentrate on it right now. When I find my scanner (can't remember if I put it up or evacuated it) I will scan updates of #1 and #4.
Good night, y'all. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and emails.


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