Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Still Trying to Catch Up

Work continues to be a bear. Too much of it and not enough time - half the week gone, and didn't it just start? The weather here, which I only mention because the entire nation appears to be currently fixated on it - is cloudy and rainy. Personally, it doesn't bother me - we have so many sunshiney days as it is and the change breaks up the monotony. Ivan is out there wrecking havoc. Most models don't have it coming here, but it's a bit early to make any predictions.
We passed the 1,000 casualty mark yesterday. What a sad milestone to pass. Seven Marines, ages 19-22 were killed by a car bomb. Two Italian relief workers were kidnapped and foreign aid agencies are planning to leave. We so need to pull out. The Boston Globe came out with a piece today saying that Pres. Bush "fell short of his military obligations and was not disciplined for it". Not exactly a news flash for most of us, but now it's not just his political oppnonents saying so. Speaking of which, a new group, "Texans for Truth" is coming out with their own ad saying Bush did not fulfill his military obligations. I guess the name may have been inspired by the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth". Salon has a really good article on who these folks really are.
On to stitching! I took the Sampler Gameboard to the SAL yesterday - managed to put some stitches into it. Still no scanner, so y'all will just have to be patient. LOL! Today's site of the day is Needle Artworks. Awesome site. Not only do they have several incredible needle artists, such as Genny Morrow and her famous Nova piece, but they also have a very extensive Thread Inventory, Cyber Classes, articles on needlecraft photography, and a monthly feature on a thread and a stitch. You can spend a lot of time on that site! Hope y'all enjoy it.


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