Monday, April 30, 2007

Still Down for the Count

Not going to recount the whole process but today I had the second part of my root canal done. Seems the endodontist didn't think she went deep enough and she's scheduled me to return next Monday for some more torture.... I mean, work.

I found this list at a blog wondering about and decided to answer it:

1. If you could have Mavis the Maid (She comes very highly recommended) on a consistant basis, which one household/cleaning chore would you be thrilled to get out of doing?

She can have the floors... I got ceramic tile througout...

2. Tell us the truth: Have you ever broken the law? What did you do?

I sped through New Mexico back in 1984. Was doing 80 back when the national speed limit was 55. I was 22 at the time...

3. Have you ever embarassed yourself in front of a crowd? What happened?

No, I'm really good in front of people

4. You've selected a stunning new outfit to wear to an important event. Time is running short. You are rushing to get dressed and suddenly realize that said outfit absolutely DOES NOT fit. What do you do?

Find another outift to wear, though I'd be wondering how I got a "new" outfit that didn't fit - I mean, I DO try clothes on before I buy them...

5. Hey...Lucky You! You get to be the President of the United States for one entire week. Any changes you make will become a permanent part of American history. What are the top-three items on your to-do list?
1) put an end to this bogus war
2) cap all emissions immediately
3) a mandate to become energy self-sufficient (no more oil imports) by 2020
those are top three but I got some more...
4) Equal Rights Amendment to the constitution
5) A constitutional amendment protecting women's right to abortions
6) Require welfare recipients to work at least 30 hours a week in order to qualify for any benefits - and don't count their earnings against them unless their incomes are over a certain amount.
7) Healthcare for the WORKING poor.
8) Require that parents must be either here legally or registered with INS for their children to be born Americans.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Down for the Count

I had my other lower wisdom tooth removed on Tuesday of last week. I have been trying to be patient but I'm just not recovering as quickly as I did with the first extraction. I got dry socket and been taking pain meds around the clock for more than 10 days now. Thursday night I started feeling pain in my ear and in my throat, but since it's all pretty close to each other I just thought it was pain radiating from the extraction site. I went off the tylenol on Friday and noticed I also had a fever. So I went to my MD and he says I have an ear/throat infection too. Great....

No, the two things are not connected, but as Dr. Lee said, there's no reason why you can't have both at the same time...

Sorry to be away, but I'm just not a happy camper right now..

Monday, April 2, 2007

Yet Another Seaside Cottage Update.

Below for your amusement is the latest progress pic on this piece. I'm not sure why, but the lighthouse appears to be a bit off... going to have to look into that one...

Now that the lighthouse is nearly finished, I am going to start on the trees. Will leave the sea and the backstitched flowers for last.... Trying to finish it by next Tuesday so I can turn it in to be framed....

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Update and Finish

Sorry to the post and run thing earlier today. My Dad dropped by just as I was going to write.
First, I would like to share an update on Elizabeth's Designs Seaside Cottage. I will stitch a little bit more on this tonight and I may have an update tomorrow morning if Bubba (my youngest son) doesn't drop by and takes off with my camara.

Second is a HD - I have finished "Be Merry" the March selection of the JCS 2006 Ornie SAL with a Yahoo! group I belong to. I thought the snowflakes were just too much - I like it as it is. Somewhere I think I might have the star that goes on the end of the hat.
It's April - where did the other three months go??? Time to update goals and plans once again. March Goals were to finish:
1) CEC 4 Calling Birds - DONE!
2) JCS Ornie: Val's Stuff- Be Merry - DONE!
3) L*K A Little Bit of March - This got replaced by Seaside Cottage
4) Lighthouses of Florida - DONE!
5) BC September Brings
Though I didn't meet "all" my goals, I have finished 10 pieces in the first quarter of the year and one of those finishes were from the 12 WIPs I began the year with. You will remember that I removed 4 pieces and replaced them with 4 new ones. The goal is to end the year with 6-8 WIPs and to finish 4 specific pieces.
April's Goals are to finish:
1) CEC 5 Golden Rings
2) JCS Ornie - Little by Little - Winter Joy
3) Elizabeth Designs Seaside Cottage - stitching for June's contest at LNS
4) 8th Row of Sunshine State Sampler (it's over one)
5) Start Mermaids Singing - stitching for June's contest at LNS
6) Stitch upper right corner of the Rose Garden
If all goes well, I am hoping to focus on the Rose Garden and the Sunshine State Sampler in May so I can finish them by June 30th. That will meet 50% of my goals for the year.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!