Monday, August 26, 2013

Returning to Stitching

Last week, I spent some time going through some of my stitching.  I think that part of the reason I haven’t begun to stitch again is because I’m just not organized and the thought of spending 20+ minutes putting together what I need is discouraging. I want to maximize the brief time I have available to stitch and get the most “bang for my buck”.  I’m not completely finished going through everything, but I have discovered two pieces that only need a button added to be completed and a half-stitched piece I forgot I had.  I also threw away two pieces that I know that I really have no intention to complete.  Will got through more of my stitching tonight to see if there are more.  Sometimes, we just need to cut our loses and stop putting energy into something that no longer brings us joy.  The next step is to decide what I can realistically complete by the end of the year and come up with a WIPocalypse rotation for 2014.

I started a new piece a month ago – hoping it would get my stitching mojo going.  It didn’t. Getting organized always does it for me though.  Here is where I am on the new piece:

Not much, as you can see!  I'll be back after I have finished tallying the projects with the lists of which to complete this year and which to rotate next.  Don't give up on me, please!


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Just remember, every stitch counts :)

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