Saturday, April 18, 2009

Still Thinking

This week has been a bit strange. One very good thing that happened was that I reconnected with two stitching friends I had lost touch with. That was a really awesome thing!

I am very confused about what to stitch. I don't know if I should do an inventory of my WIPs, which I must admit I have completely no idea what I have started since I haven't stitched in nearly a year, or if perhaps I should start something new for the fun of it.

Papillon started a new mystery about a month ago with a lot of pretty specialty stitches. I've been wanting to do a mystery pattern for a while now, and sort of regret not doing the one they had last year, but on the other hand, knowing me, it will take me a month just to figure out which threads I am going to use.

Maybe I should just find something silly and quick to do just to prime the pump...


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